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How to reset your WordPress login password

For some of you this may be easy, for others, not so easy! Well don’t worry it’ll take just a few actions to reset your WordPress login details. There are two ways to do this: 1. From the WordPress login screen 2. From the User Profile page within WordPress 1. Resetting your password from the … Continue reading How to reset your WordPress login password

Online Marketing

Obviously there will be changes along the way so we make sure we stay in good contact throughout the site build to iron out any problems that may occur. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO). Why bother with Search engine optimisation? When you use a search  engine like Google to look for information you will get endless … Continue reading Online Marketing

Dedicated Server Hosting

WHAT IS DEDICATED HOSTING?  Dedicated hosting solutions use physical servers that are entirely dedicated to a single organisation. These solutions are therefore suitable for organisations with business-critical websites and applications. This hosting solution allows you to achieve high levels of performance and redundancy by utilising redundant pairs of servers and high availability techniques such as … Continue reading Dedicated Server Hosting

Accepting payments online

INTERNET TRADING  AND ITS’ REQUIREMENTS. Basic Products + Features All official figures have shown that Internet sales (overall) have shown continual growth, even during the recession period when high street sales suffered. From these simple facts, it is clear that all successful businesses have a strong on-line presence. Requirements to trade on the web. All … Continue reading Accepting payments online

Equipment Leasing

Leasing is a financial contract between you (the customer) and a leasing company. Like finance, you make monthly payments to the leasing company for brand new for computer equipment. THE ADVANTAGES OF LEASING Upgrade option. During your lease, your machinery can be changed or modified at any time without penalty. After eighteen months you will … Continue reading Equipment Leasing