Accepting Direct Debit Payments

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It couldn’t be easier

Get this….not only does it cost nothing, nada, zilch to setup up the processing fees are ridiculously low at just 1% (up to a maximum of £2 per transaction)

Direct Debit is a great form of payment to accept for a number of reasons.

  • The Direct Debit Guarantee offers protection to customers paying by Direct Debit in the rare event that there is an error in a payment. It entitles them to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid, approved automatically by their bank. A confident customer is a happy customer.
  • Direct Debit is a known and trusted form of payment you can almost guarantee your customers will have used it before.
  • Provides a flexible way of managing and automating payments saving you oodles of time.
  • Setup plans and alters your prices easily without the need to wait for customers to update their standing orders.
  • Easily see who has paid and who hasn’t
  • Flexible API – which means that you can integrate the direct debit payments with your website, or in-house point of sale systems
  • Generally cheaper than most other payment methods.

Price comparison

Amount Card Payment* Paypal** Direct Debit
 £10  28p 54p 10p
 £100  £2.80 £3.60 £1.00
 £200 £5.60 £7.00 £2.00
 £500 £14.00  £17.20 £2.00

*Based on a standard Internet Merchant Account charging a flat fee of 2.8% per card transaction
**Based on a PayPal’s initial rate of 3.4% per card transaction

So..what are you waiting for

Sign up using our special link and you will get £50 toward your processing fees.

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