How do websites differ?

Mainly by design and function. Ultimately the goal is to provide an outlet to sell product/service, act as a source of information or provide a specific tool to provide a function.

Are all websites publicly available?

Websites can be public, private or a mixture.

How are websites built?

A Website is vither put together by a web designer/developer or team, website creating software or a combination of both. A website is made up of files containing code (usually using HTML, CSS, Javascript and a Server side programming language like PHP or .NET) and often linked up with a database to store the website content.

What is hosting?

For a website to be available for use it is hosted on a server or collection of servers, configured especially for the job.  Think of your hosting package like an art gallery and your website like an exhibition in the gallery.

Is it expensive to build a website?

Not neccesarily, but it all depends on what you need the website to do, you can get a complete website setup for free in minutes to sell products online and you can even pay a relatively small amount to have it setup it up for you. But the freebies come with limitations. They don’t all do absolutely everything ever, and they might not look exactly how you want them to look.

This is where a designer/developer like oursevles comes in. We build websites bespoke to your requirments, whether is be a certain look you want or a certain function you want it to perform. We don’t advertise the cost to build a website as every one we build is specifically tailored to each client.

Once I’ve got a website will it be easy for people to find?

Well…there are multiple ways that will determine if someone can find your website.

1st – Every website has a unique address that can be types into a web browser. This address is also referred to as a domain, website address or URL. You register use of a domain name for a small fee and there a tons available, a domain looks like these:,

2nd – There are search engines that gather information about websites, you’ll most likely have heard of Google who is the major search engine being used to date. The information is indexed on Googles servers and depending on what is searched for, your website could be in the results.

3rd – Another way for people to find your site online, is by advertising online. You can pay to advertise your website in the search engine results, across social media and on other website.

4th – Social Media – This incorporate websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more. You can setup profiles on most of these sites and link back to your website.

How easy it becomes for people to find you depends on how well the above is setup and used. You may already feel this is a lot to take in or understand. That’s where someone like us come in. We are well versed in all the above and constantly re-educate ourselves and the landscape changes and develops. A high percentage of this can all be done yourself and if you have the time to learn, even better, however if you don’t then pay companies like us to help configure and set you up or even take care of the whole shabang.

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